Monday, March 9, 2009

Teaser Alert!


Hee hee! It is almost time!!!! March 15th is the magical day! I am still tagging and skeining but all of the skeins are dyed and I am starting to put everything together.

I have a contest in the works for the Fiber Barista Club members, there will be more details in your packages. (Hint Hint lots of Bare Sheep Yarn to win!!).

So have a good one and I will update a lot now so you can get as excited as I am!!

Bare Sheep Yarn Company


Libby said...

Please don't laugh at me but I was all like, "dang! That's some GREEN yarn!" Yeah, not been one of my smartest days, lol!

baresheep said...

hee hee it's not green. I had a friend that saw the actual yarn ask the same thing!