Sunday, August 9, 2009

August's Fiber Dyer ~ Clue #2

You may have already guessed, but we're back on the North American "side of the pond" with this month's dyer. We have a dyer living in almost every region of the US, so to be more specific, we're in the Midwest. (No where near NYC and the Macy's Parade....) Can you guess her now?

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Mia said...

Okay, Midwest means that Ruth from Penny Rose is out since she is East Coast. And so is Jenny of Bare Sheep. Maryland is definitely mid-Atlantic. (Plus I am in Maryland!) Catherine of Knitting Notions is out since she is in the south. So is Meg. And with Libby out of the running already, we are down to Lindsay and Brooke. Lindsay is in Wisconsin which is mid West. But my money is on Brooke since Iowa is definitely in the heart of the mid-West.