Sunday, May 17, 2009

Flora & Fauna - May's Dyer

Anne guessed it! This month's dyer is Libby at Northwoods Dyeworks, located along the shore of Lake Superior (literally) in Ashland, WI. Email me at info AT or pm me on Ravelry to make sure that you get your prize tossed into this month's package!

The next clues start the first Wednesday in June! We've got a week until the May shipment goes out. We'll all give you shipping discounts if you purchase regular inventory to be shipped with the club shipments, so we give you at least a week to order before shipment. I plan on posting a few items over on etsy Monday evening so that out of towners can order items to their club shipment if they wish. Our etsy address is

So Congratulations to Anne, and be sure to watch for June's contest to start in two weeks!


Anne said...

YIPPEE! I'll zip off and send you an email in just a moment!

RoxanneZYG said...

Congrats Anne!!