Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fiber Club ~ June's Dyer

Mia guessed it, June's dyer is indeed Roxanne of Zen Yarn Garden! I believe she will combine shipping if you would like to order something directly from her at Perhaps she will chime in here with any pertinent details!

I've just got one question for Mia, "Ok, now that Roxanne has gone, who's your first guess going to be next month?" ;) I love that you're chiming in, keep it up!

**Note from Roxanne: yes, if you want to add anything to your shipment for the end of June, just let me know you are part of the Fiber Barista Fiber Club with your purchase and I'll combine shipping!**


Mia said...

The answer will be not Roxanne. Guess it means I have to go back to reading each dyers site in ever more detail and reading between the lines.

NorthernDyes said...

Maybe we'll let Roxanne go twice, just to throw you off ;)