Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Introducing Catherine of Knitting Notions

I am Catherine, owner of Knitting Notions, and Fiber Baristas dyer for the month of June. We opened our business in August 2005 by introducing our handcrafted wood yarn swifts. I started dyeing that same year and have enjoyed learning and perfecting this art form. I never felt like color was “my thing” so I was quite pleased and surprised by how well I took to it. My favorite part was learning how to combine the artistic expression with the science. For me, dyeing yarn is a culmination of this dual aspect of my nature.

I have been a knitter since I was 14 and it is still one of my favorite things to do. I like to combine that activity with one of my other passions, either reading or music. I am rarely found knitting without my iPod. I knit a wide variety of things, but I really love socks, fingerless mitts, sweaters, and in the last couple years scarves and shawls have topped my list of projects. I have developed a passion for lace and use it for all sorts of projects. I prefer knitting with wool; so that dominates my stash.

The past year I have had the privilege of getting to know the group of dyers that the Fiber Baristas were spawned from. There are 15 of us in our little group, some of whom weren’t able to join this initial club, but will likely be involved in subsequent clubs. The talent and diversity is amazing!

Anyway, on to the part you are really here for; pictures!

I don’t normally post pictures of myself, so consider yourselves privileged, LOL!

Thanks for reading!



RoxanneZYG said...

Hi Catherine! I love your picture...nice to see you! Beautiful collage too...I find your colours very peaceful!

Ruth said...

What a pretty pic of you, and those gorgeous yarns! Wow! And you put in the clothesline pics.

NorthernDyes said...

Ok, so I'm looking at your lawn and thinking "It's so GREEN!" Then I realized it gets that green here too, I'm just forgetting what green looks like, lol! This is the first year I'm ready for winter to be done early! I gotta say I totally love your semi-solids, no one can compete!

Catherine Harrison said...

Hey thanks everybody! :)

Libby it's kind of green here, but those pictures are from July, LOL! and yeah, I just had to use the clothesline pictures when Meg suggested it. :)

baresheep said...

I want everything and the clothes-line!!! hee hee!!