Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Introducing Libby of Northwoods Dyeworks

Northwoods Dyeworks

Supercell Sock YarnNorthwoods Dyeworks is truly a family business, and we try to incorporate those values into everything that we do. Also a bricks & mortar LYS located in a small town in Northern Wisconsin, we deeply understand the importance of knowing your community and acting responsibly.

Dyeing both fabrics and yarns professionally since 2000, we have become known for our vibrantRovings colors and bold combinations. Years of specializing in children's tie dye has spilled over into everything we do, and although subtle tones do surface from time to time, our more whimsical colorways continue to define our style year after year.

Batts by Bea In 2008, we added a new line of products to our spinning fibers, "Batts by Bea." And yes, there is a Bea! These unique and often luxurious batts come from a 6 year old girl's uncontrollable desire to play with color. Of course, she lets the rest of us pitch in, but customers are often amused by the sight of a second grader laying bags of fiber in lines along the shop floor, deciding which ones to blend. Every colorway features at least one uniquely blended or dyed color.

Our family is proud to be a member of the Fiber Baristas and we're so excited about what this partnership can bring to the fiber world. Located only a block from Lake Superior and sandwiched between several national parks & forests, the hardest part will be picking just one thing to inspire our colorway. We look forward to serving up something special come September!
Basket of Socky Goodness


RoxanneZYG said...

Oh no you didn't! You put fibre in your intro to tempt us even further...love the batts by Bea! I think I'll just take that entire basket of sock yarn if you don't mind! You won't miss it right? LOL

Ruth said...

Bea is a future Fiber Barista, batts and all! I love your introduction and your yarns!

Anonymous said...

I live in Minnesota too and that beautiful light blue in your basket looks like the lakes up here. That's the color of clear blue water. You could call it Lake Superior Splendor. It's lovely.

NorthernDyes said...

That lt blue color is called "Winter Waves" and it's modeled after standing along the shore in Port Wing (or maybe Herbster) in early Jan when the sky is so, so blue and the ice has this bluish teal tint to it and the snow drifts wash in and out of the pale teal and bright blue landscape.

And Roxanne, as long as the check's in the mail, that whole basket of yarn is heading your way, lol! I'll even throw in the rice basket for free. There's about 20sks in it.

baresheep said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! I need to pick up my needles again!